The Seeds Garden Story

Seeds of Transformation – Passion, People & Planet

We travelled to Nepal in the year 2010 as tourists. We were also invited by an abbot of a monastery to stay at his guest house. From there we began to appreciate the rich cultural traditions of the country and also its social climate.

As part of our visit to understand the situation of the country, we decided to pay a visit to the Church of the Assumption, located in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, south of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.

In May 2009, a bomb planted by some extremists went off at the church and killed 2 people. During the visit, we met Father Richard Rai, who was then the assistant parish priest.

His constant visits to the poor in the villages enabled us to appreciate the social problems and extreme poverty of many families and children. We were very touched particularly by the story of a family which only survives on salt and water and stories of children living in slum villages.

The church runs a school which provides free education for needy children. After our return to Singapore, we decided to gather our friends to raise funds for the school. A year later, Fr Richard asked us whether we could help a village school in Godawari, which was on the verge of closing due to lack of funds.

Shanti Rani is a school for needy children, located in Godavari. The children are mainly from poor families and marginalized groups such as the lower caste, religious minorities, single poor parent families, AIDs patients, broken families, orphans etc.

Despite the lack of funds and poor income (many families could not pay school fees and other material needs), the school continued to pay for the children in order to make sure they have a decent education. We started to raise funds in Singapore through activities such as The Leaf to Life workshop and goodwill contributions from our friends.

Wee Kuang then decided to travel to Nepal again to assess the situation and see what more we can do to help. His month-long stay made him realize that there are many teenagers who could not find work even after they left school (such as Shanti Rani and others) or they may not have the financial means for further studies.

It was then that we discussed the possibility of setting up a business and providing employment for these young people and also as a sustainable resource to support social causes such as needy children’s education in the village school in Godavari.

The vision of Seeds Garden is that the customers and staff who pass through the doors of Seeds Garden can be transformed by their holistic experiences and in turn, make a positive impact on their families, communities, and future generations.

This is why our motto is:
Seeds Of Transformation: Passion, People, Planet

Our contact with good friends in Malacca and our love for this state finally led us to the decision of setting up Seeds Garden in the UNESCO world heritage site.


Team of Seeds Garden


Leading Seeds Garden is Mr Ann Wee Kuang. Inspired by natural health principles, social responsibility, environmental consciousness and good food, Wee Kuang created Seeds Garden – a total wellness experience for you and your love ones.

Medical herbalist

Dr Sebastian Liew is a leading and practicing medical herbalist and author of the book Leaf to Life. He runs a thriving clinical practice in Singapore ( and his passion is to help people to achieve holistic wellness - the drug free way.

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