Seeds of Transformation – Passion, People & Planet

Seeds Garden is a trendy, funky and original plant-based Bistro, located in the core zone of the historical city of Malacca, UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Chillax in our café atmosphere, the woody colours and tones, library, relaxing music, and medicinal plants food and treat yourself to a gastronomic dining experience.

A healing bistro, Seeds Garden presents the best of what Mother Nature has to offer – minus the meat and, yes, even mock meat!

In keeping with our commitment to wellness and great taste, our menu features a healthy yet delectable selection and fusion of South-east Asian-European cuisine, made with fresh ingredients and the right synergy of herbs and spices, giving you a whole-body healing experience.

Seeds Garden is inspired by the principles of naturopathy. We believe that eating well, social consciousness and lifestyle can bring about personal, social and environmental wellness.

More than just a place for chilling and healing, Seeds Garden provides an ideal venue for hosting birthday parties, private events and a platform for special-interest and support groups. We also provide to your takeaway and private catering needs on request.

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Why Plant Based Diet?

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the amount of meat consumed (especially preserved meat and red meat) and the incidence of degenerative diseases such as cancer… A plant-based diet will also reduce the prevalence of many diseases that affect our modern society. For instance, high blood pressure and heart attacks are more common among people on a high-meat, high-fat, and low-fibre diet;

The most important factor in maintaining health is good digestion and assimilation (discussed later). In general, plant foods are easier to digest than meat is…Plant foods – whole grains, fruits, and vegetables – also encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in our digestive systems;

Plant foods are rich in the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that we require;

In addition, there are also many spiritual reasons to go on a plant-based diet. An obvious reason is that meat-eating is not conducive to meditation and prayer life, as it is a heavy food to digest.

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